Thursday, December 18, 2008

Me and You

It's amazing your ability to store (useless) things.
You love all kinds of paper and wires.
I do not keep anything, you would keep everything.
it's hard to find a balance between my need of getting rid of things and your desperate obstinacy to save them. I think you suffer from an abandon syndrome.

That's love.
finding a compromise between opposites.


(I feel pain in my right ovary.
che grande rottura di coglioni).


Gao said...

certo che usare proprio quell'espressione per il male alle ovaie... ;-)

+ seriamente, non dovevi andare a farti visitare? anche se sapevi gia' cos'era?

Crazy time said...

gia preso appuntamento per ecografia e visita. quest'ultima pero' e' per il 7 gennaio. quindi c'e' da pazientare un po'.

e comunque la visita ultima, con pap test ed esami del sangue, risale al 18 agosto...praticamente ormai il mio hobby e' il ginecologo.

grazie per aver chiesto.

Moky said...

Vale, I kind of had similar symptoms, it turned out I had poli-cystic ovaries (pco). Treated with birth control pill (mini-pill) for a while... and they were concerned I couldn't have children!! Mavaffa...

Moky said...

Ah... the pack-rat syndrome... there's no cure, unfortunately!!

koala said...

Same problem here, with hubby and daughter. Then I go back to Sardinia nad my sister is driving me nuts. I hate clutter and she collects even plastic bags....
Sorry about the pain, hope it's something stupid....surely una rottura!!!
Bacioni e buon 2009