Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everything under control

Nothing important is going on.
Apart from my fresh 33rd birthday, yesterday, and the discovery of a condom's package in my office's sink - not in the bathroom, in the kitchen. Someone is fucking. I feel bad for my young colleague. She looked horrified, I wanted to tell her that there are better people around. You just need to find them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Having twenty-three years old

You know that time is going by just because the others remind you that's your birthday, but, apart from that, everything seems to be and remain the same.

Until you work with a new colleague, 10 years younger than you.
You look at her and you can tell that her skin is fresh,
You see the way she works and you can tell that she has no experience.
She asks you what to do, how to do, what is better, what is worse, and you have no problem in helping her, You know the answers because you are older. That's why.

You feel wise and you are.
She is scared of almost everything and you are not.
Even in a completely new situation, you would know how to move, what would be the next, right step. You have seen/done/lived enough.

Above all she has that idea of the future that you do not have anymore and you do not remember when you stopped having it.

She does not say it, but you can tell that she behaves as if she had millions of choices ahead.

The good part of getting old is that you have much more fun living, you're not scared, you enjoy life more. Which is not unimportant, at all.

(she thinks that at 33 people are old, 33 for her is too far. She does not know that one of the best aspects of getting old is that you really start having good sex)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mission: Impossible

This morning I had a two-hours walk in the Canyon with a friend from Orange County.

At some point she said "My mission in life is ......"
If she asked me what my mission was, I would have to admit that I do not have any in my life. Or, at least, If I have one, I am completely unaware of that.
Then dear Mission, if you exists, knock on my consciousness' door before I will be asked about you. It's so depressing not knowing you, at this point of my life.
And please, try not to be too demanding.
I am lazy and get frustrated very fast.

Friday, August 15, 2008

By The Way, has your father ever had cancer?

Yesterday I saw this American acquainted/friend who lives next door and who's married to an Italian man. She has been through a tough time with her mother that has breast cancer. She had her left breast removed and now she is doing chemotherapy.

I ask:

"How is your mother?"

"She is better now, thank you"

"I'm happy to her that"

"Crazy time, by the way, has your father ever had cancer?"


Now, I understand she is under pressure, I understand she has a weird personality, I understand her father is crazy and growing up with him must have been really hard and must have had heavy consequences, I can understand everything, but do you really think that's a question to ask?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Misery - Let's Try

Today I have started reading Misery by Stephen King.
I never read books in English because since I cannot really get the linguistic nuances, I end up thinking that the story is superficial. I can never really get involved into the plot, I always feel detached, a bit absent. I force myself to keep my attention high, I must always be aware that I AM READING AND I WANT TO REMEMBER, otherwise my mind just slips away. I go on turning pages without being focused on them. It will be like this with this novel too, I already know it, but still I want to get to the end - which is clearly far. I have read only 14 pages and the book is pretty thick. But I must be strong and carry on (thank you Eric Clapton!) ;)

I have just finished "Non avevo capito niente" by Diego De Silva. More than 300 pages devoured in two days. I did appreciate the irony, the mental passages, the flow of consciousness, the depth of the main character Vincenzo Malinconico that I fell in love with, if you can ever fall in love with a character.

Before that, I read "L'illusione del bene" by Cristina Comencini. It's not a bad book, I wouldn't say that, but there are too many facts and too few feelings. It would be easy to get a screenplay out of it. You can quickly visualize the story instead of reading it. Well, If I want to see a movie, I'll see a movie. Since I am reading a book, it's something else what I expect.

Let's go back to Misery - I already feel so miserable ;)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Yesterday my landlord wanted to replace a piece in my toilet but what he got was the breaking of a pipe and the resulting flood. He called me from the bathroom, I got closer and what I saw was unbelievably fun and tragic at the same time. Half of his body was hiding behind the door, the other half was a concentrate of sweat and blood. While destroying, I mean working on the toilet, he probably hit something, maybe his own stupidity, and his forehead began bleeding. That concentrate of human desperation asked me to call the plumber while passing me his sweaty and wet cell phone. I did not want to touch neither him nor the cell phone but I realized there was something serious going on. Even the last hope that everything was fine disappeared when I took a peep into the bathroom: there was water everywhere, something like a lake with waves. I grabbed the cell and dialed the plumber's phone, unfortunately there was no answer.
That's when I really got nervous.
The landlord pretended to be in control of the situation and he decided to go downstairs and turn off the water. This was the only wise thing he did yesterday in my apartment. He came back with a new pipe and I thought that for sure we would have needed to go to a hotel for the night. I kind of liked the idea of making him pay for our night at the Sunset Plaza! I was wrong, he surprised me and ended up fixing the damage. Probably today we will have the plumber over to replace again the pipe which, according to our sharp landlord, is too small.
I am sick to have workers everyday in my apartment.
I cannot clean what they keep messing up.
They have no respect for people's things: they come with dirty hands, touch the pipes, get wet, spread water on the floor, step on the water, walk on the carpet with disastrous consequences for my mental balance! Luckily yesterday my sixth sense worked great: before the landlord started his work in my bathroom, I had put on the carpet a huge piece of nylon and there were no irreversible damages for the carpet (which we cleaned just ten days ago!).

When my husband came home and saw the landlord's bleeding forehead, he told me:

He is not so bad, he looks like Michail Gorbachev

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Invitations to Special Screenings

Sometimes I receive invitations to special movies screenings, this is what they call it here. Now, I agree that these are special screenings, they are not open to the public, but I would not say they are special movies.
I usually get invited to action/adventure movies and animations such as Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, to mention the latest ones. This morning on my desk I found the invitation to Tropic Thunder.

Now, I would like to know why certain people can never culturally evolve.
Special Effects, superpowers, the good on one side, the bad on the other, the heroes, the villains, they always produce movies for kids or never grown up adults.

They make everything so black and white and so superficial.
It is almost scary, besides boring and depressing.
The movie industry has tons of money and they waste it to make stories that have no structure. There is the bad guy that threatens the world and the hero comes to free everybody. God save the Queen and the hero!

The only movie that I really liked was The Things We Lost In The Fire with Benicio Del Toro and Halle Berry. A Really intense and emotional story.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Work Out, the Day After

I took my first spinning class yesterday and today I took the second one.
The result is a muscular pain that extends from my feet to my hair.
I also got a fever, 37.3. Cool!
Maybe it does not depend on my work out.
I don't know, I almost threw up after lunch and all day I had this sickness.
My head is burning.........
when the brain works too much ;)

I will survive.
I hope to feel better tomorrow.
We have dinner with friends and I would not cancel.