Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to hell!

Yesterday at the hospital my doctor made me enter the delivery area, since she could not leave her patient alone for a long time. I think I was a couple of rooms away from her. I could hear this woman, she was yelling like crazy, every few minutes. She did not sound human. That was almost scary. It must be really painful. The epidural, why not?
Probably because in this town doctors tell weird stories about it, you'll risk to be paralyzed forever for example.
Well, that's criminal.
This is so middle age.


Clara V said...

Tu donna partorirai con dolore...
(peccato che tutto ciò succeda anche per l'aborto terapeutico)

gianlu said...

When my wife "delivered" our first one after the first day of contractions I asked why the anesthetist was not present to fill the epidural.
"It's in the canteen they told me".
And after an hour, "he's assisting to a surgery".
After another hour of suffering I told the head nurse.
"Ok now take your decision, If he doesn't arrive in ten minutes I will call the police".
In five minutes he was there and first things he told me was:" They called me five minutes ago".
What a nice country.

AD Blues said...

The Vatican City is too close...
Their view is that delivering a baby must be done with pain if not it would be less noble and saint.

Each time I'm thinking about that, I'm about to throw up.

Fortunately, as far as I know here in Tuscany, the epidural injection is free (in other regions you've to pay for it!) and presented as an option.


Smartix said...

a proposito, leggo sul corriere che a natale è meglio non partorire a natale, anestesisti in vacanza

Smartix said...

intendevo, a milano ..

Crazy time said...

ah! carini!