Monday, March 8, 2010

on wednesday we'll go back to l.a.
Nice days with our friend, too much food and wine.
I feel round :)

this guy i know wants to meet for coffee.
he has just split up with his girlfriend.
i know he has a crush on me, sort of.
he openly told me it a couple of times.
it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.
i know he'd prefer to see me alone (because he does not feel free to speak!! this is what he said once (???????))
not that he would ever be a temptation.

crepes with nutella are delicious.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the time with your friends; have you ever tried crepes with Grand Marnier-flavored english cream? Delicious!

If you wanna be delicate, go see him with a female friend of you...
Otherwise go there with Strazio ;-)


Crazy time said...

never tried that! i must tell my husband, he loves making crepes and experiment new recipes.

we drive up to northern california once a year and i must say it's always a good time.

unodicinque said...

come si dice "paraculo" in inglese?!?!? :o)))

Crazy time said...

non so come si dice, ma paraculo va benissimo :)

Gao said...

great the feeling of roundness!! :-)