Monday, April 19, 2010


At a coffee shop.
They have buy one get one free. I bought a coconut cookie and got a free one.
Now, one is already huge, two is way too much.
I'll take it home and give it to that bitter :) man who says to be my husband.
I was actually looking for something not sweet but it's impossible.
the choice was between pastry, cake and cookies. what about a salad?

lately I've not been going to the gym, feel guilty with myself (and my wallet!)
but really cannot stand it right now. But I am sunbathing a lot, for the first time in almost seven years. never too late.

I think that's it.


AD Blues said...

In which country of the world you could find a salad in a coffee shop? ;-)

By the way you live in a country where they put sugar almost in every kind of food, you really risk to find sugar even in the salad!!!

Enjoy the sun and beware of sunburns!!!


Ali said...

You can find salad at Starbucks :)

I imagine you are almost brown with all the sun you've got...!
I'm not. One time at the sea, and I'm already bored to got tanning ... and still white as flour.


Crazy time said...

@Alex: in the US :)
no no no sunburns! I'm very careful with that. Just a little tan. One hour a day, from 10 to eleven, when I can.

@ali: no no I'm not :)
a bit tanned

AD Blues said...

Of course! Only in the US! ;-)

Mine was, obviously, a rhetoric question... :-D LOL !