Saturday, February 14, 2009


I feel like a ball.
Lately have been eating so much that I am surprising myself.
I think I am nervous, I always eat when I am nervous.
or bored.

My breast hurts so much that I cannot sleep lying face down;
My bt has gone up;
I often feel dizziness;
My belly hurts a little bit;
My mood has quick (and scary) ups and downs. From happiness to anger in one sec.;
My sexual desire has increased. REALLY INCREASED. Something like looooong sessions! I am afraid I will kill him with all this sex;

Maybe I am going back to a regular hormonal balance after something like nine months!
Maybe my ovaries/brain have waken up. HOPEFULLY!!!!


dancin' fool said...

non dirmi che... 9 mesi...


tanti auguri!!

Crazy time said...

grazie, dancin'.
non e' proprio 9 mesi 9 senza mestruazioni, ma di caos totale.

Francesca said...

maledetti un senso o nell'altro fregano sempre...


Moky said...

Increased libido... that would be a change. Am I missing something? It's been way too long without reading the blog, I'm lost..