Friday, February 27, 2009


Today I have taken my first Spanish class.
My classmates are very slow: they are all over 60 and all English native speakers.
They make me feel a genius.
They are nice and always smiling, that's enough.

I am trying to make some change in my life.
The next step is starting yoga classes.
I need to stretch my body and my mind.
I need something smooth, yoga seems so.
Spinning is the opposite.

Going back to a good mood?
not sure, not yet.
but life is a step after the other.
Let's start moving again.


dancin' fool said...

io ho sempre un mal di schiena bestiale... e pensieri complicati. forse anche a me lo yoga farebbe bene!!

ciao valerì...

Crazy time said...

alla testa anche fa un gran bene.
e ne ho bisognoooo

ciao dancin'

koala said...

I hope the crazy mood goes away...
Yoga will help you, I am sure and good for you, you have the stamina to study Spanish, why not?
Hablamos Espanol algunas veces?
I am forgetting it.

Extramamma said...

Nice to meet you...Anusara yoga is a good type of yoga (
sorry for your grief abour your uncle
ciao x p