Friday, September 11, 2009

I love living my life with you.
even when it's hard and painful.
I love making love with you.
I knew it was a matter of time.
I knew we had to wait and stay close while waiting.
What happened changed me, but it did not change my feelings for you and my curiosity for life.
I knew one day I would have found myself back to reality again. Out of the dark room, and I knew it would have been a rebirth. Now I feel much stronger than before.
I am not saying that pain is useful, that I have forgotten or forgiven life. Pain is pain and I would avoid it, (I would have avoided it), but there are times when you have to face it and go with the flow and sit down and wait and hope even when there is no hope. There is no shortcut, no easy way out. You have to go through everything and stay focused on survival and wait for a new season.

Now this season has come and I want to share it with you.
it's time to be happy again.
we deserve it.
strongly deserve it.

you told me I have changed, I already knew it.
this loss will always stay with me.
there is no room for oblivion.
there is no chance I can turn into the person I was before.
no way
no way
no way

anyway, all this to say that i can feel how much love flows between us when we make love.
it's not surprising that from all this love a new life began.
it was too short, but it happened and it was our precious miracle.
we were three and it was beautiful.
now......... it's beautiful again
and i want it to last for the next one hundred years.


Anonymous said...

mi hai commosso, ecco ! :o) Tifo per voi (un po' di più per te , però!)

Crazy time said...


Gao said...

100? to start with!!

Crazy time said...

yes! to start with!

Angelo said...

Hai scritto delle cose di una bellezza straordinaria.

I remain basit, rimango basito!

Crazy time said...

grazie grazie Angelo :)