Friday, February 5, 2010


today it's raining. i hate L.A. when it rains.
We returned here a week ago, still fighting with the jet lag.
i wish we were still in italy. there are people i have met over there who have made my life much better and i've been missing them since we arrived.
the future is seriously uncertain, i'm sick of my job, and he has many projects ready to start but not started yet.maybe we'll leave this place, i wish we will.
cannot imagine my life in europe though. it's really tough there and we are spoiled.
we'll see. i am a bit impatient.


unodicinque said...

we are waiting for you armsopen (sarrebbe braccia dice?!?)

Beatrix Bernadotte said...

There's nothing tough in my part of Europe except the crappy weather. Would love to be in L.A.

Marica said...

non ci abbandondare!!!!

Gao said...

how about Australia then? ;-)