Monday, December 6, 2010

food and beauty

Talking of food a little bit more.
tonight I made pizzicotti, yummy!
a deli from my hometown.
I cheated a little bit, I bought the pizza dough, didn't make it.
I made the sauce with garlic, tomato, chilli, black pepper and a delicious pecorino made by my father-in-law. Fast, easy and delicious.

Also I made two homemade facial masks.
the first one with honey, one egg and olive oil.
this works as a scrub.

the second one with yogurt and grapefruit to refresh the skin.
not sure I needed to refresh it, but it was kind of nice to spread it after the scrub.

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Moky said...

It's your job to feed yourself and the baby, ando to keep yourself as beautiful as you can... considering that very soon even taking a shower will require complex planning!