Sunday, December 5, 2010

friends for dinner

Penne with salmon - fresh and smoked - with yogurt instead of cream.
Tortino with spinach, ricotta and salmon. This time the dough has yeast.
baked potatoes and mache with cranberries and pieces of pecorino.
He has cooked and seasoned every dish, let's hope it's tasty.
cannoli for dessert - frozen from Trader Joe's. Never had them before. Not sure I'll have them tonight.

The table is set, outside it's pouring rain, I walked only half an hour today because of my husband's laziness, he did not want to walk the second lap.

More than anything else I'd like to sleep.


unodicinque said...

ma sempre a magna' state?!? :o))

Angelo said...

Già...e pure a dormì!

Crazy time said...

vivo con poco :)