Friday, August 15, 2008

By The Way, has your father ever had cancer?

Yesterday I saw this American acquainted/friend who lives next door and who's married to an Italian man. She has been through a tough time with her mother that has breast cancer. She had her left breast removed and now she is doing chemotherapy.

I ask:

"How is your mother?"

"She is better now, thank you"

"I'm happy to her that"

"Crazy time, by the way, has your father ever had cancer?"


Now, I understand she is under pressure, I understand she has a weird personality, I understand her father is crazy and growing up with him must have been really hard and must have had heavy consequences, I can understand everything, but do you really think that's a question to ask?


Moky said...

I think we meet everyday people who either have not tact or they've lost it for any number or reasons! Maybe she meant something different than what came out of her mouth (it happnes to me too, unfortunately...) If you can come up with a sarcastic answer, then I think it's totally justified, however most of the time I find myself dropping my jaw and not being able to say anything!!

dancin' fool said...

(io infatti ho letto più volte ma non ho capito perchè la domanda era così terribile... forse non colgo la sfumatura dell'inglese, non so... ti ha chiesto "tuo padre ha mai avuto un cancro?" nel senso, se sì saprai quando è difficile vivere queste circostanze... non so, magari spiegatemi! o anche no)