Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Invitations to Special Screenings

Sometimes I receive invitations to special movies screenings, this is what they call it here. Now, I agree that these are special screenings, they are not open to the public, but I would not say they are special movies.
I usually get invited to action/adventure movies and animations such as Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, to mention the latest ones. This morning on my desk I found the invitation to Tropic Thunder.

Now, I would like to know why certain people can never culturally evolve.
Special Effects, superpowers, the good on one side, the bad on the other, the heroes, the villains, they always produce movies for kids or never grown up adults.

They make everything so black and white and so superficial.
It is almost scary, besides boring and depressing.
The movie industry has tons of money and they waste it to make stories that have no structure. There is the bad guy that threatens the world and the hero comes to free everybody. God save the Queen and the hero!

The only movie that I really liked was The Things We Lost In The Fire with Benicio Del Toro and Halle Berry. A Really intense and emotional story.


dancin' fool said...

crazy, non ti crucciare... se hollywood si "evolvesse" pure qui il 90% degli spettatori (mangiatori di pop corn e sbaciucchiatori unti nonchè risponditori al cellulare sempreovunquepurealcinema) cadrebbero in depressione profonda perchè non saprebbero dove buttarsi per godersi un "bel buon film".

Crazy time said...

ecco, io ho un'idea di dove potrebbero buttarsi ce l'avrei :)
......magari poi cominciamo a votare bene, a ragionare sulla questione diritt-doveri, a incazzarci perche' il premier dei miei stivali ha abbandonato i precari (any doubt?), si e' garantito l'immunita' e fa la voce grossa in cina chiedendo agli atleti di non sfilare in nome dei diritti umani. Diritti umani??? Ma vaffanculo. In Italia c'e' gente che lavora praticamente gratis, vogliamo parlarne di diritti umani??

ecco, io pure per questo comincerei a fare film intelligenti invece di questi sottoprodotti dell'intelligenza.

dancin' fool said...

... io a volte me lo chiedo se ogni tanto (dico qualche volta per sbaglio) qualcuno di questi si chiede: dove sono? che faccio? che potremmo fare? che sta succedendo in parlamento oltre alle foto della ministra china sul nano?

boh. è da depressione. ma tu lo sai che succede qui.

Moky said...

Well, for once it is a marketing strategy, being that the majority of people who go to the theater is between 10 and 30, maybe 35. So they're either popcorn eaters (like dancin' says) or just your average ignorant beer drinking, party going young american moron, which explains why "intelligent" movies are shown only in "selected" theaters... When you get older, and have a family, you find yourself going to see either Disney movies or some other kind of animated movies. The few times you get a babysitter and finally go out with "the man who sleeps in your bed" (after the child's birth, that's how you define HIM), you normally go to dinner and probably go see a romantic comedy, hoping to... mmmh... fire up the mood...
So who actually goes to see a foreign, deeper than the usual crap, movie?? Not many people, and that explains why you get to screen Kung Fu Panda (which by the way, my kids kind of liked...)!!

Crazy time said...

@moly: sorry for the late response to your comment. "the man who sleeps in your bed" (after the child's birth, that's how you define HIM): OH MY GOD!!!