Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Los Angeles, here we are/I am

We are back in L.A.
before leaving i am always desperately sad and then, once here, all the sadness disappears. why is that? Is that normal? is that common?

it's 8.34pm and i am trying to keep my eyes open.

on the plane i read "Malamore" by Concita De Gregorio.
I loved it.
I suggest it to all the women/mothers.

brain off.
good night.


dancin' fool said...

good night.

sono contenta che sei felice lì. non mi pare strana quest'alternanza di sentimenti.


Moky said...

It's totally normal and expected.. for us with a split brain and especially for those of us with a split heart...
Now, where can I find the book? Will check my italian library dates back to 16 years ago... and my taste has changed... and I'm tired of re-reading the same books, over and over... I bet in LS it's easier to find italian publications... here in redneck-land is totally impossible :(