Thursday, January 15, 2009

sweets from Hawaii

do you know the typical sweets from Hawaii?
it's nuts covered with chocolate.
something like 3000 calories each piece.
well, today I've had five of them.


Gao said...

It's simple math...but still, don't count! Does it work against the jetleg? Or was it a tribute to the new president?

Crazy time said...

a tribute to myself:)

koala said...

Yummy, I wish I knew them. Were you on vacation? Did I miss some post? Please, I want to hear about your vacation see photos and I can understand you enjoy being back home, wherever it is.

Crazy time said...

Koala, I went to Italy for Christmas. Now I am back in LA.
The sweets were a gift from a student of mine whose family in Hawaii.

I have read that you are in Sardegna right now. Enjoy your beautiful island.

Moky said...

Nothing like thos mac nuts and chocolate!!! Heaven on earth!