Monday, January 19, 2009

stressed out already

All day with him at the hyatt for work.
tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, same thing.
i need a vacation.
we will go back and forth from los angeles to long beach.

this weekend or the one after we will go to palm springs, i think.
two days off.

he has been working a lot.
he worked three weeks in italy, now he is still waiting to relax.
and we are not even rich!!!



Gao said...

Oooops! I thought you went back on holidays. 3 weeks working? That's too bad! Time to win the lottery and take a real break! ;-) and don't forget your dear blog-friends when that happens.

Crazy time said...

gao: :)

blg what? blog who?


yes, i won't forget

koala said...

At least the Hyatt hotel is very nice. I worked for them in London...

Moky said...

Palm Springs should be bgreat.. hot like hell (maybe not too bad around this time), but nice... I need a vacation too, now that you mention it!!