Friday, March 6, 2009

the new apartment

I think we have found the apartment we like.
It's in the hills, surrounded by the green, the trees. it does not look like los angeles.
It's a 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom apartment.
It's a private patio.
it's a wonderful bathroom, with REAL TILES, two sinks.
Hardwood floor everywhere.
three big closets.
the only thing is the small kitchen. it has a dining room but he is a bit unhappy with the kitchen.

I think tomorrow morning we will call her and take the apartment.

i am so tiredddddd


koala said...

Good, it sounds very nice and spacious. Who cares about the kitchen ? Does he cook or do you?
If you have a good feeling you should take it.
Then post some pictures because I am curious...
Besos, amiga

Gao said...

well... a large kitchen is important. At least for me. But perfection is not of this world and overall it sounds really great!

Mblue said...

My first "try to have a new place to stay in" was very bad...wish me luck for the next one!
By the way: private patio seems to be very very good!
The sciropz ;-P

Nat said...

Small kitchen can be advantageous, because everything is handy! I have a friend who has a very big kitchen and she always has to go back and forth to grab stuff she needs for cooking.. I, on the other hand, have a relatively small, narrow kitchen and everything is close to my cooking area! At the most I turn around and take a step or two! And my dining area (not really a separate room, but not really part of the kitchen either) is right there too. So.. GO FOR IT!!
(did you do a background check on your new neighbors?? ;-)))) )

Crazy time said...

@koala: . Who cares about the kitchen ? He does! he cares. :)...... we are going to sign the contract tomorrow. (keep fingers crossed :))

@gao: I understand what you mean and I like a big kitchen too, but apart from that the house is really nice.

@Mblue: the patio is one of the reasons why we want to get it. it's lovely....

@nat: the neighbor is the owner who lives upstairs. SHe is a single woman in her late forties who often is out of town because of her work. She seems nice and easy going.

Francesca said...

Moving is tiring, but it is also exciting to rearrange the furniture and start a brand new home...