Sunday, May 24, 2009

The process will be slow.
Now I know.
I realize it everyday a little bit more.
Now that my life is apparently moving forward I feel that the pain is even harder.
The sense of loss is getting deeper and deeper.
Unbelievable how much a "little dot" can change your priorities.
And now that the little dot has gone, everything else has gone.

At some point I will be better, it will happen for sure.
Think positive, think positive, think positive.


koala said...

Things can only get better, if you let them. Try and live your life one day at a time and you will accomplish your wishes, or do like me. I took the back door and I am happy I did. Adoption is a wonderful journey and children are all beautiful.

Gao said...

Pain is a fact of our life.
But maybe it can be a door onto something.
Maybe the little dot has left something for you.
Deep in your heart you'll find it.