Monday, June 15, 2009


It's been one month. Today one month ago you started to slip away, my little seed.
I know you were not aware neither of yourself nor of us, of me and your father.
I know I am transferring my feelings to you.
But still I would like to whisper you I much I loved you, how much I cared, and how empty I have been feeling.
I was your mom since the first day I found out you were growing inside me.
I am so sorry you had to go, I would have done anything to keep you with us, anything.
Please believe me. I feel so lonely and useless and my days are so sad without you, my sweet, precious seed.

I am trying hard to go back to life.
Forgive me f I could not keep you safe in my belly.
I need to forgive myself. It's not easy. At all.

My angel, you will always stay with me.


Anonymous said...

non ho capito tutto tutto, ma quello che c'era da capire si. Forse ogni altra parola è inutile. Ti resterà sempre nel cuore anche tra mille anni.

dancin' fool said...

hey hey hey, valeria...


se abitassi qui vicino magari potresti venire a fare una passeggiata, magari anche con la sciroppata (ogni tanto ci vediamo, anche se facciamo fatica a incastrarci pure da "vicino"!).

mi raccomando.

un bambino ci sarà. ne sono sicura, anche se non lui...

Gao said...

Your little angel would want you to be happy and positive.
She would not want you any other way.
She has given you something you didn't have so far. A LOVE so intense and powerful that goes beyond time, space and rational perceptions.
Nobody can't take it away from you now, and you'll forever be a better person for it.
That's how your little angel will think of you. And he'll be forever happy for the great gift he has brought to your life.