Monday, June 8, 2009

tomorrow he's gonna be in Vegas all day.
He'll leave around 6.30 in the morning and we'll be back late at night.
that's going to be a day to forget. I know, already know.
I'll work a couple of hours, try to exercise and wait all day for him to come home.
maybe I'll go wax and buy a little present for a friend's daughter, just born.
gosh, I'm surrounded by people with babies.

also.....i need to wash my hair!! absolutely, no more procrastination.
i usually wash it everyday, now it's been two days without washing it and it's disgusting!!

tomorrow my last antibiotics! yeah!
then I'll see the doctor and find out if there's something left inside.
hopefully everything is clean now, otherwise little surgery, for the second time. This time they will put me to sleep. Hopefully not for good!


Gao said...

may I suggest a nice massage as well after the wax? take care of yourself.

Crazy time said...

massage, oh yeah, that's so relaxing.