Sunday, May 9, 2010


we went to this Italian gelato place.
It's made by a guy from Venice, the taste is real Italian.
The barista, a girl from ny, lived ten years in Rome.
Not only she speaks Italian fluently, but she seems from Rome.

she knows ALberto SOrdi,
she said:

Troppo Bello (reminded me of Verdone)
and even



Moky said...

Sometimes this kind of surprises are the most cherished! And it's the proof that not all Americans are narrow minded...
Troppo bello!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Does she knows also "li mortacci"? :-D


unodicinque said...

Roma.....roma...romaaaaa.....core de 'sta città!!! Ecco, così, per dire!!!

Crazy time said...

moky: yes, that was a very nice surprised :)

alex: I need to ask :)

uno: ecco :)

Angelo said...

E maghari tratta i clienti così: