Friday, June 6, 2008

A Big Fight

While I was having a fight with you I thought god I am gonna die, it's gonna be either a stroke or a heart attack, it's coming soon, I know.
Since I am still here, I am assuming that I am strong: I must have a good blood circulation and a low blood pressure. Great! I have passed this home-made medical check up, even for free.
However I am pretty sure I have lost a couple of years of my life.

I hate waiting, getting worried because of your delay, waiting, getting worried for your delay, feeling the rage quickly going up, from my feet up to my head, repeating to myself why do you think you have the right to make me wait for so long? And so on, over and over.

I am sorry
is not enough, it does not make any sense to me.
It does not give me back the time I wasted.
You should have thought more, better, faster, easier.

At the end of the day I feel exhausted.
And what for?

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Moky said...

They won't change. You have to change your way, i.e. change meeting times, if you want to meet at 3, tell him it's at 2... and be late yourself! This reminds me of what my siter told me about the people in Hawaii, they live on a different time schedule... after so many years there, she now knows that people always show up 1 or more hors later than they say they will. I guess he's also on hawaiian time...
I want to ask you something on behalf of my son... my email is No sweat... when you have a chance.... Hope your anger is gone by now!!