Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Basics. No More than That

It's almost three at night and I cannot sleep.
The overwhelming emotions are there once again.
I was expecting them.
I knew they would have come, sooner or later.
Here they are.
It's like walking in the middle of nowhere where feelings come confused and cruel.
The only solution is stop thinking,
There is no rational solution.
I never feel strong enough to bear this emotions with dignity.
I can cry all my tears and still feel that pressure on my chest,
Still touching that sadness.

Just wait.
Focusing on basic needs.
Such as peeing, eating, breathing.
The bad emotions will disappear.
Just save as much as possible of myself.
Just try to take it easy.
Trapped in the same mental cage.


Moky said...

What works for me in those times: Stay with the emotions: you can't control them, you can't change them, you definitely can't make them go away, so just ride them. Like a rollercoaster.

Crazy time said...

@moky: just ride them.
it's not easy but it is the only thing we can do.

Francesca said...

Anch'io adotto questa strategia. Viverle senza provare ad opporle...dopo un po' passano, a volte.