Tuesday, June 3, 2008

He is Here!

He was born on the baby Shower's day: over two pounds, breathing on his own, just started eating - to quote his mom - solid foods (milk, I guess). And, above all, he is so sweet and little and precious and delicate and strong and stubborn and a miracle.

His mom sent me an email about my linguistic performances on the baby shower's day:

Ciao! Penso che devi parlare inglese perche il tuo inglese
a buonissimo, ma la tua confidenza non e. (but your confidence it
not) :-)

Mi piace che tu ha detto (what you said) nel film di Patti. (I liked
your message in Patti's film.) Non era stupido - era molto simpatico.
Non lo so che tu sei embarrassed.

I hope you did not have too stressful of a time at the party. Your
English really is good - you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

And, the funniest part: My friend with the Prague
confusion gets confused about things even when there is no possible language barrier.

She is really a friend :)


Anonymous said...

io sono "a little bit confused"!
la tua amica ti ha scritto in italiano o inglese sgrammaticato?
bu. ;)

Crazy time said...
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Crazy time said...

la mia amica mi ha scritto in italiano sgrammaticato e in inglese con qualche errore dovuto all'ora e alla situazione - era mezzanotte e aveva partorito da un giorno. Lei e' americana, ha appena avuto il bimbo con 8 settimane di anticipo. E' l'amica del baby shower.

Moky said...

See???? Sometimes we let our head think too much and are afraid that by being ourselves we are rude or stupid or wrong... in friendship, is your heart that matters, everything else is bullshit! Including the "idiot friend" (as in Spongebob) who can't tell aborad from Prague...
Congrats to your friend and her bay! I hope she's able to pump her milk to give him, it would help him "recover" much quicker!! She probably knows it already, but there are many support groups for moms of premies, she might just want to be able to talk to someone who is going or went through what she's going thorugh!!

Moky said...

I meant "abroad" and "baby"... I better go to sleep!!!

> AC said...

very right. no barrier is allowed when your heart is talking.
Congratulations for your friend.

have fun!