Sunday, June 1, 2008

Strange Days

I got up at 7.30, barely could keep my eyes open, visited some of my favorite blogs and then decided to go back to bed. I fell asleep right after I put my head on the pillow and woke up again at eleven! As I am not a sleepyhead I checked the time twice, couldn't believe I had spent the all morning in bed - not having sex but just sleeping. What a waste of time!

After a home-made cappuccino, such a nice way to begin our morning (I should say afternoon, I guess), we had to force ourselves to do two things we hate: go to a mall (no need to say that it was packed) and get an Iphone for a friend in Italy. We are both very critical of buying items like this one - Iphone is in our top ten list of most useless items. However, when we arrived at the store we found out they had run out of them for the day. Would you believe that? At, what time was it?, one p.m. they had already sold all the Iphones. People must be eager to spent $400. I do not even have a cell phone, guess how surprised I was to hear that. My husband was too. Despite his scientific education and a long experience in technological fields he refuses technology more than I do, if possible. His cell phone is old, heavy, with the bad habit to work only when and if it wants to, which means it never works when it is supposed to.

Then I have no idea of what I did until now, 10 pm, apart from taking a nap for one more hour between 8 and 9 and trying to digest lemon pepper pappardelle (No comment) that he cooked for lunch. They seem to want to stay with me, here, in my stomach, for the next fourteen hours.

Now I have a bit of a headache, maybe I need some sleep, what do you think?


Nat said...

You definitely need more sleep.. :-))
Sleep as much as you can now.. when you'll have kids that will be just a dream!!
Does the IPhone bought here really work in Italy? I've heard different ideas on that.. and I have a cousin who asked me to buy one for him and then he'll reimburse me.. The problem is that I don't have $400 handy right now.. We'll see.
Have a great day.


Moky said...

Agree with Nat... sleep, sleep sleep... I am so jealous!! Although now that the kids are older,I can sleep more... anyway, my hubby, if I let him, would have every possible, single tech gadget in the universe... he's like a 5 year old: he gets all excited, plays with it for 1 week or so, than it's time for the next one!! Thank God I grew up in a household where my parents were so thrifty, so I'm able to balance the equation!
I have the same question as Nat re the IPhone, because it's being set-up for whatever wireless company and who knows if it would work in Italy. Let me know if it works... or maybe not, I don't want to be bombarded with requests from home... And have a great week (my parents are coming in on Wed....I'm so excited!!)

Anonymous said...

valeria, mi sa che non ho capito. tu non hai il cellulare? saresti da fare santa, nel caso ;)

Smartix said...

those lemon pepper pappardelle are from trader's joe, aren't they? i know them, as soon as I read about them on your post I had the same feeling in my stomach.

And Iphone works in Italy, I have many Italian friends who came to visit me and left with their new toy. They just had to adjust something (I can't go further than that in the explanation ...), but it is supposed to be easy and fast. It does work.

And finally, so good to hear you had some sleep. Maybe yesterday you felt like a cat? Here is a poem called The Life of a Cat, by Laurence Overmire:


Play with string.


Hunt a bug.


Emigrante said...

The Iphone could eventually work in Italy with some geek work. There's an application that can ulock it.
Iphone it's cool :-)

Crazy time said...

Thank you Emigrante for unveiling the mistery of the Iphone.

@nat and Moky: I followed your suggestion and slept until 9 this morning.

@dancin: Santa Valeria

@smartix: yes, I am talking of those pappardelle!
The poem depicts exactly what I did yesterday.

Anonymous said...

santissimissima!!! ti adoro.
(bhè, te l'ho già detto che a me lo hanno regalato a forza, no? un po' di anni fa. tuttora ne farei a meno. lo porterei dietro solo in macchina e quando giro da sola - ossia diciamo quasi sempre - per le emergenze. per il resto è un oggetto che dimentico dappertutto. e spesso spengo)