Saturday, September 13, 2008


It's been two days with the sky overcast, no sun all day, the weather matches my mood. Since I have made my mind, I swing from concern to excitement for what the future will look like. I suffer from this latent tiredness, lack of will and laziness. I have to do my laundry, clean up the apartment, go back to my spinning classes which I have been avoiding for ten days now, focus on positive thinking and find the healthy irony that is buried somewhere in the rooms of my mood. What I do not need is indulging on this mental paralysis.

He is a bit worried for me.
He asks me how I feel and I do not really know what to answer.
I feel as above. Maybe there is an adjective to depict the situation quickly, or maybe two adjectives: tired and confused. That's it, I think.

He is making Tiramisu', I know he would be happy to have me around. I wish I could be able to be around.


dancin' fool said...

... mamma che malinconia questa canzone... mi ricordo ancora la sera che ho visto quel film
ligabue non è mai stato forse la mia unica folle passione, ma trovo che abbia una capacità di scrivere belle parole quasi insostituibile, in Italia, anche perchè dura nel tempo e le sue canzoni non le dimentichi mai.

Moky said...

So glad you're moving on... it was bound to happen, nothing stays the same and that's great when one feels like crap!
Anyway, it is a well known remedy to the blues, walking outside in the sun (if there), moving, breathing... be part of the universe... ohmmmmmm...