Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Saying

Pigs are flying over my butt, or something like that, is is correct? does it exist? Gli asini volano. Is that the meaning?


Moky said...

Not quite sure... it's possible, or it might mean something is bothering you too... I'll ask J tonight!! Maybe, if you change the word "butt" with "ass", then there's the "double-entendre"...
whatever it may be, how are things for you guys??

Emigrante said...

That's for sure a weird sentence.
I hope everything works well for you.
"At the end Everything will be just fine... if it's not fine's not the end."
Take care

Crazy time said...

hi Moky, did you have the chance to ask J?

We are fine, a bit tired because of all these things happening but strong enough to face them :)
Thank you for asking.

ciao emigrante, thank you for this sentence, I like it.

Moky said...

Crazy, Jim says he's never heard of it, however there's a saying that goes "when pigs fly", which means "never".
I hope it helps, a bit at least! :)