Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reactions at Work

Everybody at work knows that I have resigned.
Everybody is reacting his own way.

My employer, the woman, wrote me she is sorry, she really wanted it to work out. She made me an offer that sounded like a blackmail and I refused to accept it. How could I ever have accepted it? Maybe her intention was to make me quit the job or maybe, which is highly probable, she expected me to believe in their agency more than I believe in my freedom. My colleagues, all of them, do that. Why shouldn't I? Well I don't know. It's just the way I am, always been, the point is that to me dignity does mean something.

My other employer, the man, did not say anything. He is smoking pot somewhere, I guess.
Dressing as a homeless, with curly, grayish, long hair.
Fucking here and there.
With no awareness of the world around.
Crazy time who? I believe he is asking.
He is sensitive to the word money, the only concept able to ring his bell.

The young colleague still hopes we will find an agreement. I think that my employers and I almost would not agree on the obvious truths such as donkeys do not fly, as we say in Italian. They tried to make me believe that, actually. Also, yesterday she realized that she will be the one who will have to cover my shift.


She said she doesn't want to do that. The real reason is that she likes to sleep in the morning. The reason I would hear is that she wants our employers to realize how hard is to not have me there any longer. If she refuses to replace a colleague who resigned, she would make the employers understand how important the colleague is/was. I mean, I would quit anyway, I just wanted to give her a free lesson on professional ethics. I do not think she has picked up my message, she will end up doing morning and night shifts, without neither complaining nor demanding an increase in her salary. Working for free has become very popular in Italian firms. Trendy, let's say. When a colleague of mine quit her job two years ago, I did not accept to work more, but my other colleague couldn't wait to replace her and so she did. Pretty disgusting. Such a bitch.

Speaking of which, she, the bitch, did not say a word. She'd better shut up.

Her boyfriend (how would you translate Trombamico in English?)contacted me on skype even though we were in the same room, hiding from her, who knows why. Maybe she does not want him to talk to me?? I don't know....however he asked and asked, showing respect for my choice and asking if I had any regret.

A sense of liberation.
I answered.
And this sense is growing and growing. Even pretty fast.


Moky said...

Gosh Vale... I think you're young enough, smart enough, talented enough that you shouldn't compromise your own ethics... alas, sanity to keep a job you've grown to hate, and I'm glad you didn't: this is not Italy, so the opportunities are here, there and everywhere. It's a shift in our mentality that might take some time to take place, but when it does, it will never be the same. The culture of having the same job for the entire working career is something very Italian. Ah, the freedom of saying "screw you, I'm gone"... there's nothing quite like it. I woulkd say you can easily translate "trombamico" as "fuckin'pal"... what do you think?? I am so with you in spirit, I can't even explain!!

Smartix said...

Trombamico: Screwfriend?

ampere said...

Hi, your english is better than my italian...but I'm italian :-) Just 3 months ago I left my job...a really good job from the external point of view. My soul point of view was very different. I worked hard, very hard for five years and when I asked something for the first time, They simply did not considere my suggest, They told me it was impossibile to realize. When I resigned, the impossibile will become miraculously possible.....but I was on my new way. Coul I suggest you a book? It's a simple book, but it helped me to understand that changing is not a bad thing... "chi ha spostato il formaggio" http://blog.libero.it/UnaVitaDaMediano/5065936.html