Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bernini at the Getty

Yesterday we went see the Bernini's exhibition at the Getty museum.
It was a special tour because we had a friend with us who is a researcher in art history.
She explained us all Bernini's techniques, goals and art.

At the exhibition we met a man whose last name is Barberini.
He spoke just a little Italian.
The bad part of him was a brooch saying McCain/Palin.

Before seeing the exhibition, we had lunch with her. She invited at her house, or better, at her hosts' house: a villa in Pacific Palisade, such a nice area and a sophisticated location.
We were not expecting a real lunch, just some quick pasta with an easy sauce, but she surprised us with an Italian meal: spaghetti with zucchini and pachino tomatoes, then meat wrapped around mozzarella and a slice of prosciutto, salad with mango and nuts, crunchy and fresh baguette, finally we had strawberries.

That was a long day.
But really nice.


Francesca said...

I heard a lot of good comments on the Bernini exhibit. Do you think it is worth a trip to LA from Santa Barbara?

Crazy time said...

Francesca, the exhibit is over now.
There were several half- length busts in marble made by Bernini and other Italian sculptors from the Baroque time and influenced by him. I enjoyed the exhibit a lot thanks to our guide who made us notice details that otherwise we would have ignored. Also, she told us anecdotes about some of the busts which made the all visit a real journey into the past. Without her I would have appreciate what I saw but not as much as I did.