Sunday, October 12, 2008

My New Job

On Friday I had my second lesson at the school of languages with my only student.
She has an American mother and an Italian father who owns a restaurant, an Italian restaurant, of course. She is 11 years old, a good student, a bit lazy, tends to speak English even when she knows how to say something in Italian. I pretend not to understand and force her to put her language aside.

However, when on Friday I arrived at the school, the manager told me if I was available for two more hours. I accepted, it is not that convenient for me, giving private Italian lessons makes me earn more than I do in a school, but I want to be part of a group, see how things work in an American environment. So far so good, everything SEEMS to work fine.

Starting, probably, from this week I will have two groups of really young kids.
I am afraid of that. Never had young students and never had a passion for kids.
We will see. I want it to work.

Also, the manager freaks out very easily.
She seems not able to handle more than one task at the same time and this is not the first time I notice it, with her and with Americans in general. The American people I have met so far get lost easily. They are not, let's say, multifunctional. If they talk, they cannot write; if they write they cannot listen to what you are saying, if two things occur at the same time, they tend to lose the control. They always look busy, as if vital things are going on and it is not unlikely that nothing is really going on, it's only life going by. It scares them. I wonder why, probably they are so lonely, used to spend their days into a mental world, never really connected to the outside and when they have to open up to whatever is happening in the world, they do not know what to do. Always nervous, anxious, control freaks - damaged, in one word. And I swear, It's not my intention to be mean and to say that we, the Italian people, are superior and better. No, it is not that. We have our big faults and lately we seem to get worse with this fascist like, I do-not-care like attitude. I am just saying what I cannot get of the American people, if I can cram millions of people into a category. Anyway I do know I will never be like them, luckily. Not even in 100 years of exposure to this society.


dancin' fool said...

(bello il nuovo aspetto del blog!)

in bocca al lupo per i nuovo lavoro... penso di sì, che sia più divertente lavorare con altre persone invece che dare solo ripetizioni uno a uno a casa...

Crazy time said...


in realta' non sono ripetizioni.
sono lezioni, sono persone che vogliono imparare l'italiano perche' lo trovano affascinante, perche' hanno origini italiane, perche' fa chic e loro hanno soldi e tempo.

il dramma sara' insegnare a bambini dai 2 ai 5 anni. Non ho mai avuto ne' la passione ne' la curiosita' per i bambini e mi manca purtroppo la didattica. Sto cercando di trovare giochi divertenti....dovrei trovare la voglia in me.

io sono sempre troppo seria e per questo ho evitato per anni l'insegnamento ai piu' piccoli.


dancin' fool said...

io invece credo che troverei più stimolante insegnare ai più piccoli, ci ho lavorato per diverso tempo in altre vesti e mi "divertivo" molto (oltre a ricevere molto da loro, in un certo senso)... secondo me l'insegnamento più gratificante (parlo di quello che preferirei io) è quello dato ai più piccoli o direttamente a livello universitario. quel che c'è nel mezzo... lo trovo un po' "spaventoso"...

in ogni caso non è affatto facile.

Anonymous said...

che bello!!! Mi sa che faccio lezione anch'io così. Grazie vale'!! PS:grazie anche per seguire questo mio blog che ho ribattezzato "amarcord"

Francesca said...

OPra che faccio un altro lavoro, mi manca insegnare...anche se la scuola in cui lo facevo pagava una miseria!