Thursday, October 23, 2008


I cannot sleep. One more night with eyes wide open.
I will fall asleep again when it's time to get up.
In the morning I will feel tired, deadly tired, dizzy and mean.
I jump from one mood to its opposite, from happiness to anger.
It's fast and leaves me sick. I hate this hot weather, everybody around me and even everybody far from me. Leave me alone, I am moody and with zero interest in talking, explaining what's going on, there's nothing to say. I simply hate whatever I have, whatever I do not have, whatever I do, whatever I do not do.
Getting crazy? Maybe.
It's none of your business.
Keep living your lives, the nice house, the green garden, the fancy car, the jokes, the empathy, the suggestions, the friendly look, the strict look. Just fuck you. Do not bother me.
I am pretty sure the lack of sleep is having devastating consequences on me.
And still, please, don't get close.
Do not want to talk.

Not to mention the hormones ups and downs.


dancin' fool said...

I leave you a-lo-ne.


dancin' fool

Crazy time said...

Luckily today I am feeling much better.

thank God.