Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to blogging

I'm returning to this blog after more than one month of absence.
It's a long time for me, but when I'm in Italy I don't feel like writing in English.
This time I barely updated my blog in Italian.

Today I haven't got dressed, just stayed on the couch in my pajama.
I cooked and washed the dishes, not even cleaned the house.
Let's see what I can do tomorrow.

Maybe I'll find something interesting to say!
or maybe I'll abandon this blog for good!
it's clear I'm running out of topics.


AD Blues said...

It's just a phase of your life, you are listening to something else, maybe more important, and you don't feel like blogging.

No problem: I'll remain quiet here waiting for your words.
I'm sure that you will find soon again your inspiration.


Moky said...

We all go through phases like this. Sometimes it's a physical thing, other times it's mental. Either way, it will always be there when you'll need to open up a bit of yourself!