Friday, October 22, 2010

My doctor is tired

He seemed to have all the time of the world to spend with me.
He matches my tiredness.

quotes from him:

don't need to check toxoplasmosis unless you eat cats' poo.

you can have sex if you need, you won't get pregnant.

you can fly to Italy in December only if you take your doctor with you, this is the rule of our hospital.


Elfonora said...

I guess that was a nice way to say "you can't fly back"

Crazy time said...

he was joking.
I can fly.

Moky said...

the stinker, wants an excuse to fly to italy!!

AD Blues said...

For once I'll answer you in Italian:
chiamalo fesso!


Ali said...

Mi è piaciuta quella sulla toxo. In italia sono fissatissimi! Qui invece zero... MAH!

(Anche quella sul sesso fa ridere... XD)

Però, hai avuto un dottore simpatico!!!