Sunday, October 24, 2010


Tonight we'll see two students from the workshop in Italy.
We'll have dinner together in a Japanese restaurant.
They'll have sushi, I think.
I will have cooked fish :(
Some doctors here say you can have sushi - and I think Japanese women have it!! .

However, I'm starving! Can't wait to sit at the restaurant with my food in the plate.
This is what I usually do:
feel sleepy,
forget things,
think of food,
forget things
feel sleepy,
forget things.

Not necessarily in this order.

Now and then:
read (over the last three weeks I've read a lot actually, But I feel it's never enough)
walk (one hour a day, trying to be consistent. Trying)

Also, I check my weight. However since I have had a bad memory lately, I can never tell how much weight I've gained.

In other words, I'm quickly becoming a plant.


Francesca said...

At least you are skipping the "I am feeling sick" stage :)

Moky said...

Fish in this country, even when farmed, has such high levels of pcb's and mercury that it is definitely important to stay away from it, especially raw. When cooked, it's ok in small doses.

Your day sounds like my ideal day, in dreamwold! Although the forgetting things, feeling tired has been my reality for a few years now.
... enjoy it, till it lasts!!