Sunday, October 17, 2010

not only nightlife :)

A busy busy weekend.

Today He and an ex student of mine who has become a friend, have made wine.
The smell was really inviting, I'd have tasted some :)
After that, we had lunch together, homemade vegetable soup, and some cheese.
That was a lovely day. My ex student is such a mice person, one of those with only positive energies. Hard to find.

Yesterday we went to a charity dinner (started at 5! and it was quite far) + show organized by the pro-life movement. We were invited by another ex student of mine. We decided to go even though our ideas about abortion and pregnancy do not match theirs, actually they are clearly in conflict. The show was a play, a witty comedy that unexpectedly pushed hard against the Church and the Vatican. You'd never see such a show in Italy.

And now we need to take a one-week rest!

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Moky said...

I'd say you need about 5 months of rest. Just sayin'...