Thursday, July 31, 2008

Going Back To My Work Out....Oh My God

The baby next door cries something like 3 hours a day.
What's wrong with him?
I think he cannot stand his father.
How could I blame him?
Every time I see that man I get goose bumps.
Such an ugly person.

Tomorrow I will go back to my spinning classes after two months of break.
I froze my membership on June and July because of my vacation in Italy.
And now it is time to work out again.
Let's see what happens tomorrow.
I hope I won't end up breathless.
I do not care, I need to exercise, it's healthy for my body and my mind.
Actually I would like to take yoga classes too.
I have seen there is a 90 minutes class tomorrow.
Maybe something shorter for the beginning would work better!!

He is making pizza.
I am a bit bored.
I always feel guilty when I get bored, I hate being bored.
It's a waste of life.
I should be grateful
(i am talking like a priest)


dancin' fool said...

concordo sull'ultimo paragrafetto.

in teoria anche su quello dell'esercizio fisico, che mi riprometto da anni di ricominiciare a fare... poi trovo sempre scuse (mancanza di tempo, soldi, il cane da guardare...) per non fare. ora avrei tempo... ma fa un caldo che ti stende ;)

Crazy time said...

si, odio proprio scoprirmi annoiata