Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Babies are Coming

God! All my friends are pregnant!
Can you tell that I am panicking?

When I went to Italy V. told me she was 6 and a half months pregnant! She found out to be pregnant only one month before, when she was already 5 and a half. That's her style, absolutely hers. She was sure she could not have babies - she convinced herself of that!- she had just opened a restaurant, she was stressed out because of this new job, crying sometimes because of it, she was working until late at night, she rode the motorcycle, she had one week in the snow, skying, falling and who knows what else! One day, all of a sudden, she thought of her period, oh God, women have period, where is mine? and she took a test, one of those you buy at pharmacies. The test was positive off course, she took a blood test as well and based on the results she was two months pregnant. Then she had a ultrasound and the doctor told her: "My dear, if you had waited a little bit longer, you would have given birth to this baby girl here".
The last time I saw her, she was 7 and half and her belly was not visible. I asked her: "are you sure you are pregnant? Where are you hiding her?". Among all the funny anecdotes she told me, there is one that I like better: the baby was moving in her belly and she could feel the movements but, since she did not know to be pregnant, she said: "I feel as if my gut is going upside down"!
Her style, no doubt!!


dancin' fool said...

ih! ih!

allora magari pure io sono incinta!! mmm. nel mio caso sarebbe piuttosto triste aspettare un bambino da una persona che "non si sopporta" e con cui si dovrebbe fare i genitori a metà ;)

Crazy time said...

la storia della mia amica e' veramente incredibile!!!

ma se non lo sopporti come fai a farci un figlio? pas possible.

dancin' fool said...

infatti era un'evenienza che sarebbe stata una tragedia...
giocavo col fuoco con un argomento su cui non si dovrebbe scherzare... ;)
(bella la foto in fondo al template)