Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well, it's almost time

Ok, In one week we will leave.

I will go back to my office and my extravagant colleagues, to the huge window of my apartment, to the Russian neighbor, to the gym, to the palm trees, to the huge roads, to the traffic, to the sun and to much more.

Right now it is raining.
Thunders are noisy and lightnings are bright in the sky.
This is a real summer storm.

Nothing to add.

This is a pretty useless post, but life here is slow and nothing really happens.
I am happy to be with my family and enjoy their warmth.

My husband's cousin is 12 weeks pregnant.
She is radiant (?).
She has not felt any of the bad symptoms of the early stage of the pregnancy.
No nausea, no weakness.
She just looks happy.

Dinner is ready.
Buon appetito.


Moky said...

As the old adage goes, no news is good news... I do feel for you, the last week home, with your family... I don't think saying "anjoy it" is enough... savor evry minute of it, but you don;t need me to tell you this!!!
By the way, not everybody goes through "morning sickness" while pregnant... many do (and get crazy cravings, like parmigiano and olives for breakfast...), but some lucky ones don't!!

Moky said...

I meant "enjoy" and "every"... darn keys!

Fabioletterario said...

...And happy life! :-)