Friday, July 25, 2008

Summing Up

As soon as I landed in the United States, I forgot all my melancholy - which had been overwhelming for the last three days of vacation in Italy - and once again I started my other life. Everything began, with all its good and all its bad. Actually, I must say that the good seems to be more the than bad. I am wondering if it is Italy that pushes me into a depressed mood.

However over these last few days I have been catching up with all I had left in early June, I have not missed too much.

Yesterday we had this bad news about my husband's cousin: she had a miscarriage.
She was 12 weeks pregnant.Yesterday she went for the ultrasound and the gynecologist found out that there was no heartbeat, Not anymore.
It was the first ultrasound for her, that's weird, how can you have the first ultrasound only on the 12th week of pregnancy? I don't know, I have not been pregnant yet and I am not a doctor. It just sounds strange.
Her blood and urine tests were fine, the baby was regularly growing.
Until seven or eight days ago, according to the gynecologist.
Also, the ultrasound showed that there were two embryos, but the first one died very soon.
They want to take some exams on the fetus to figure out what happened.
Moreover she had candida and she could not treat it because right after diagnosed it, she got pregnant. You cannot treat a candida while pregnant?
Could it jeopardize the fetus' life?
I don't Know.
I just feel bad for her.
I am really sorry.


dancin' fool said...

mi sa che non ho capito la storia dei due embrioni... uno è ancora vivo? quindi non ha avuto un aborto "completo"? mah.
cmq la candida è una brutta bestia, io so che è pericolosa se la madre ne è affetta durante il parto... pare strano che non si possa curare durante la gravidanza... ma magari è così. e caspita. speriamo in bene per lei. che non sia troppo giù.

Crazy time said...

sono morti entrambi i feti.
il primo e' morto quasi subito, il secondo e' morto a 3 mesi.

Nat said...

Che tristezza.. Mi dispiace. Molto.

mi perdoni se ti faccio una correzione, ma penso che in questo caso sia dovuta..
allora vado, eh?
In questo caso non si usa la parola "abortion" (aborto vero e proprio), ma "miscarriage" (aborto spontaneo). Per far giustizia a vostra cugina che, da quanto capisco, non ha scelto di abortire...

Un abbraccio,


Crazy time said...

@nat: grazie per la correzione.
ora vado subito a cambiare.

Moky said...

So here we go, in case you haven;t heard this all before: most women have one or more miscarriages, it's nature's way to prevent a pregnancy of an "unviable" fetus. Now, when you're the one being pregnant, you know this all sounds like total bullshit, it's not a fetus, it's your baby, even though you've known about it only for juts a few weeks. It happened to me, kind of the same thing, I went for by sonogram, all happy and the tech says :sorry, no heartbeat. You need to go see your ob/gyn. Which I did and he told me that I could either wait and let nature do her course, and have a full blown miscarriage (bleeding, pain,etc.) or I could have a d&c, dilation and curettage... so I had to wait for over 24 hours, with my body still feeling pregnant, while I knew my baby was no more. !2 years have gone by and the wound has healed, I went on to have to more kids after that one, which will always be my dream baby, who only lived in a very short dream.
Why do I tell you this? Tell your hubby's cousin that there's a lot of support around for women who went through what she did, husbands most of the times can't fully understand the depth of the wound, they normally think (but don't dare saying it): we'll have another one... but it runs deeper for us. Tell her to talk to other women, most will open up and share their stories, just like I did. She'll feel less alone and less like something is wrong with her (which is what most of us feel, being women and always feeling guilty for something...)