Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It's so sad when you find out that people do not tell you the truth.
You go out with them, even for months, you reach a good level of intimacy, and one day, all of a sudden, you start putting the various elements together.
Bits of silence and absences that, together, depict the portrait of a fake relationship.
You wonder why it happened, it was you? it was them?
What went wrong?

When you are into a friendship you expect a certain response.
When this response doesn't come once, you don't notice it.
the second time you justify it.
the third time you open up your eyes.
You can only feel the disappointment and take a step back.
You do not want to turn it into a drama.
You think C'est la vie,
yes, c'est la vie.
(Una vie del cazzo, pero').


dancin' fool said...

ottimo finale, valeria!


Moky said...

Vale, as someone told me, to have a friend, be a friend... and many many times I did my best to be a friend, only to be rejected or worse.
People can surprise you, either positively or negatively. It's just a fact of life. More often than not, we trust others and we get kicked in the balls... that's why we should give such a great value to real friends...
the other side of this is, what is a friend, anyway? I still struggle myself, at my ripe age, with the concept of who should I call "my friend"... certainly not something to be thrown around like McCain did...

Gao said...

Can you really have more than a handful of friends in a lifetime? And can you really hold those few friends for a lifetime?
Probably can't.
Can you still keep your earth open after each disappointment?
Probably should.

Even if sometimes sucks.

Crazy time said...

dancin': grazie;)

Moky and Gao: I agree with you. you are right.