Saturday, November 8, 2008

you sexy thing

Don't know why this video.

Today he replaced the new lamp with the broken one.
We feel in good company now, there's always someone staring at us, following our movements, if we raise our arms, they will raise theirs too. Not too bad.

Living abroad, so much abroad, brings you back to important things in life.
You learn how your parents and friends' voice can warm your heart,
how precious their love is, how much it means to you.
you realize how much spoiled you used to be, how much you took for granted, what loneliness is, how much it can hurt, how much it makes you stronger, how much you learn how to roll up your sleeves, how much you rely on yourself. It gives you pain and a sense of self-confidence at the same time. It's bad and good.

After more than 5 years what I miss the most is still my family, sometimes it is breathtaking. You think it is unbearable, but it is not. Nothing is unbearable, this is what you learn. Parents' survive their child's death, you'll survive this.
Ok, tonight my mood is not the best but I have a good news.
F. had the surgery, they removed something from his eye (it has a name but I forgot) and already started the therapy. In 40 days he will have surgery to the other eye. He has suffered after the surgery. If he can stand this pain, I can stand living 9 hours back in time. Life is practical. Life is nothing more than being angry and aggressive enough to survive all the time it kicks you.


Gao said...

I hope life will surprise one of these days and come to you with a flower in his hand and a smile on his face.
All the best to both.

koala said...

I agree, family is the reason why I am glad I enjoy one more year back in Sardinia. Then I have to go back to my main family in Idaho....
Kisses and better times will come for you, I hope with all my heart.
What happened to Valeriascrive?

Crazy time said...

Gao, thank you.
I think life has been giving me flowers. I do not want to complain, I just would like F. to heal as soon as possible.

Koala: valeriascrive is still there, at its place ;)

Moky said...

Crazy, the best medicine to being homesick is having "your own" family...
some memories still hurt, even after 15 years, I think of what will never come back, what I've lost if not in dreams... I think of Carosello then nighty-night, and it's a wound... but then, I know it will heal, it did many other times. You said it, nothing is unbearable, we can surprise ourselves.
And it's also a bit of guilt, at least in my case, knowing I'm here and I could have been "there"....