Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I started the day with a spinning lesson at 8.30, after one week of complete inactivity. When I returned home, I found crepes with chocolate, crepes with jam and cappuccino with a soft, delicious foam. He made both of them. Such a lovely husband, isn't he?

(..............OK, now, you can tell me what you want from me)

Mean crazytimes.

after washing the dishes from our abundant breakfast, I sat on the couch and never moved from there.

Lazy crazytimes.


Moky said...

Lately, every day is a lazy Saturday, for me... enjoy it with no guilt!!

Gao said...

after having burned at least 700 cal with the spinning... you should definitively just enjoy!

Crazy time said...

moky: but you a reason, i do not.

gao: yes, this is what I have said to myself ;)