Monday, November 3, 2008

It's (almost) Election Day!

Tomorrow it's going to be the election day, I am at the same time excited and afraid to get disappointed. There are more Americans like McCain than like Obama, but I still hope the black candidate from Hawaii will win.

Almost all the people I know are democratic, but one. He does not really care of the politics itself, he just wants to stop abortion, making it illegal. He is pro-life and the President of a pregnancy center in Downtown. Only this question: do you think that abortion will stop just by making it illegal? can you really believe this?

My neighborhood is full of signs saying Vote NO on Prop. 8, which, if approved, will put gay marriage out of law in California. I hope it won't get approved. I do support all those relationships that promote respect, love, mutual growth. I do not care about people's gender.

Everybody, even if not American, should have the right to vote in the American elections. Since it is able to affect all the world, it would be at least fair to give the world the right to decide for its future.

I'm done, I guess.

Go, Obama Go!


dancin' fool said...

speriamo sì.
sicuramente siamo di parte, però anche a me stupisce sempre da morire come certe persone (tipo gli antiabortisti) siano cieche e vadano avanti a occhi e orecchie bendate pur di ottenere un qualcosa che tanto non potranno mai avere sotto controllo come vorrebbero (e poi altra cosa che proprio io non riesco a capire è come si possa voler decidere al posto di altri e della loro vita, per questioni così personali e delicate in base a dei dogmi piovuti dal "cielo").

vai obama. vai.

Gao said...

I agree.

Moky said...

Crazy, this is the 4th american election I'm witnessing and never like yesterday I have felt the need to vote... I have 4 years to get my citizenship and have my chance to vote for the next election. You are right, there are a lot of americans like McCain, even more sad, a lot like Palin, who thinks she's modern when in reality she's so backward she would make my grandma look hip!
The beauty (and surprise) of this country is that many still care: every day I would get an email from the Obama campaign, asking for support, please would you drive to New Mexico and help canvass the neigborhoods of... ?- I didn't do it, we only sent whatever we could (not much, but considering we never sent a penny to any campaign...) but hundreds of arizonans did it: they carpooled to New Mexico and knocked on people's doors... and this capillary, smart campaign, run by people who care, made the difference.
I don't know for sure, but I think this might be what makes this country a truly surprising country: many americans still care. Then I ask myself: could anything like this happen in Italy?

Smartix said...

Did you hear Berlusconi's comment? He likes Obama, you know why? Because he's young, beautiful and tanned. I cannot believe it.