Thursday, October 1, 2009

For Alex :)

this the email I translated for her:

Dear claudio. I watched you while we were on the bus. YOu have such a handsome way about you, the way you gaze into the sunset, the way your long legs sway to the rhythm of my heart.

I couldn't help but imagine you and me enjoying more than just the parks. We could enjoy each other.

I could not stop imaging you gently kissing me, then firmly grabbing my neck to show me how strong and masculine you can be.,

I wanted you to force me to make love to you. But we were always with people.

Tell me you felt it. Tell me you wanted to undress me, and let our skin, our energy, our lips touch into ecstasy.


Clara V said...

ma sono così le americane?
Ma questo claudio merita davvero?
E ha ricevuto la lettera?
e come ha reagito?

daidai voglio la terza puntata

Marica said...

:-| molto diretto direi

Crazy time said...

no era una presa in giro per questo claudio che a quanto pare e' un porco. (porco per le americane che non sono abituate al Berlusconi style, mentre noi italiane sappiamo bene fin dove un uomo pensa di avere il diritto di spingere con una donna, anche solo verbalmente). Leggete il post sotto che spiega il motivo di questa email.

Anonymous said...


I imagine this will be a good lesson for that man, however he might be so proud of himself to firmly believe to the letter!

I can't wait to know his reaction ;-)


Moky said...

Sounds like one of those trashy novels my husband teases me aout when I read one...

Crazy time said...

heheh Moky, what kind of books do you read? :)