Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ilaria d'Amico at l'era glaciale
she decided to have a baby before 35.
she is 34 or so and she is pregnant.
to her it was perfectly normal, obvious.
i wanna have a baby and i will and here it is.
she looks like she has had never doubts, problems, fears.
lucky you, Ilaria.

besides that.
i like her.
she is smart.
one of the few smart women on tv.


Anonymous said...

La D'Amico รจ intelligente, bella e fortunata; certamente, non ha fatto della sola bellezza la chiave del suo successo.

AD Blues said...

I like her too.

She appears to be very smart; hope she's really like that.


gianlu said...

We were in the same school in Rome,
I remember we were always laughing at her because of her voice.
She was beautiful and we were talking about her every day.
Is she smart?
I really don't know.
But...who cares????


Your Silvio.

P.S. Incredibly, the word verification lower down is "falluman" the hell did they recognize me?