Thursday, October 29, 2009

If there is one thing well done in my life, it's my relationship with you.
What I like the most is the sincerity.
I know I do not need to lie.
I can tell you whatever crosses my mind.
what a relief.


AD Blues said...

We are all so used to lie, hiding ourself behind masks...

I agree; when we can behave as we really are it is a real relief. It is like breathing again fresh air.


Crazy time said...

@Alex: exactly, like fresh air.

Gao said...

you are absolutely right! if I would have to choose the most important thing in a relationship is exactly that: being able to be yourself and to keep talking to each other.

Anonymous said...

nessuno รจ mai totalmente ed assolutamente trasparente. Fortunatamente dico io! :o)