Thursday, October 8, 2009

tonight our landlord was dressing a long, purple nightdress, a hat, a pair of black socks and a pair of sleepers. She wanted to check the electricity. we were going out for dinner, when she saw us, she said, out of the blue:

Oh guys! you look such a cute couple!

which came unexpected but was well accepted.
much better that the other statement:

can't wait to see you pregnant again.

she is strange. she ignores us for weeks.
we cannot even tell if she is dead or alive and then one day she looks at you and says whatever crosses her mind. she's funny!

at least this time it was a compliment!


AD Blues said...

She's such a lovely freak!

After all she was right, you are a cute couple!

And it could have been worst; she could have said: “Valeria, your husband is ssooooo handsome!”


Anonymous said...

the fool on the hill!

Clara V said...

non ti lamentare, oggi il nostro vicino di casa ha fatto le condoglianze a Crysis per il matrimonio...

gianlu said...

Almeno non la vedi e non la senti....già è qualcosa...
ed anche l'altra volta era un complimento no?

Crazy time said...

@adblues: :) actually i think she had exactly that in mind!

@seneca: it sounds perfect as a movie title

@gianlu: pare che pure l'altra volta lo fosse, almeno nelle sue intenzioni :)

@clara:le condoglianze????