Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Angels and Demons

Last night Jo and Ju came over to celebrate Jo's new job.
Jo has been working in the film business for six years, since he moved to L.A.
But this time he will work in Italy for a big movie with an American production, which implies more money and a professional environment.
have a safe trip Jo!

However, we celebrated with a bottle of wine - do not remember which one, I am basically dry (?) - and with a slice of tiramisu'. My husband made it. He is so cute (?) while cooking, maybe he looks cute because I never see him in the kitchen. He must have an allergy to stove and pans. He is also messy and it touches my nerves a little bit, but I need to live with it, I guess. I must say the tiramisu' was great.

Ok, let's go back to work.


Moky said...

Well, a big step in one's career always calls for a bit of a celebration... but working for the movie A&D (I actually really loved the book, by the way)... jeez... what an honor!!! Do they need any extras?? MY sis in Italy is always looking for acting jobs!! ;)
Anyway, my hubby cooks, but he leaves the kitchen looking like 10 barbarian tribes rampaged through it!! I try not to complain either (too much), but jeezaloo, how hard is it to clean as you go??? It's a mistery for me!!!

Crazy time said...

@moky I can ask my friend if they need any extras, I have no idea.

I think men like being messy.
It must be part of their nature.

Moky said...

Crazy, please do so... it would be great I think! At least I know I would be thrilled!
The only men I know who are neat-freaks, are those of the Virgo sign... I swear it's true!! Everyone else is either a slob or a pig!!