Sunday, May 4, 2008

Good Night Los Angeles

'Cause You Can Never Really Come Back From a Journey.
Like it or not. Strong enough to bear it or not.

I thought It would be easy to go back home.
But it is not.

Have been trying to live with this new me, an hybrid suspended between homesickness and fascination for the city with few angels and only two seasons.


Moky said...

hey v.s. aka c.t.
I'm glad to read you in english too!!!

Crazy time said...

I am trying to write in English but I feel ridiculuos and full of doubts.

We'll see :)

Moky said...

Don't... as I was told before, your english is most likely better than many Americans''s great practice anyway, you know? I love writing in English, maybe just as much as I love writing in Italian...