Sunday, May 18, 2008

Indiana Jones (Number Thirty-Six Or So)

We saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull or whatever it is called.
Two hours of action with a 65-year-old, or so, Harrison Ford.
I fell asleep for half an hour and when I woke up they were still somewhere in a forest trying to bring back to its original place a plastic skull, which we were supposed to believe as a crystal skull.

It is a well-done movie, the crew is a never-ending list of animators, stunts and experts in special effects, a chain of professionals which ended up doing their job very well and make tons of money.

Still, where is the story? I left the movie theater exhausted.
I felt weird, as if I was taking away nothing with me.

But this is me.


dancin' fool said...

la foto sulla testata sembra da "viaggio alla fine del mondo" ;)

ti sei seduta lì sopra?

dancin' fool said...

(intendevo "2001 odissea nello spazio"...non mi veniva il titolo)

Moky said...

My son is DYING to see it ... he went to see Iron Man saturday with a friend and said (I'm quoting): "The best movie ever made!" He's almost 13...
I'll probably skip Indiana Jones then and let father and son bond together over a pound of popcorn... what do you think of the second Narnia? Is it worth the $$? We lately watch movies through netflix... that's one thing that got really hard doing with kids (besides travelling, sex, going out to dinner, etc.): going to the movies!! Enjoy till it last (I'm referring to your other blog...)...

Crazy time said...

@dancin fool:e' la panchina che sta nel canyon vicino casa. Mi ci sono seduta, yes.

@moky: I did not see the second Narnia, I am sorry.
I think you should let your son and your husband see Indiana Jones together and share a big portion of buttery (?) popcorn. :)

marta said...

Hi Vale, I felt just the same. I saw it because a dear friend invited me and we had dinner together before the movie.
The dinner was great and my stomach was full, but when I left the theater I felt so empty and dry. This , by the way, wasn't some kind of emotional reaction to the movie

Crazy time said...

@marta: last night I watched Saturno Contro by Ferzan Opzetek (?) and I liked it a lot.